About me

I was born on 16 February 1968 in Gdynia.

In 1992 I graduated from the Transport Economics Department at the University of Gdańsk and in 1994 from the Administrative Department at Maritime College in Gdynia (now Gdynia Maritime University).

Between 1995 and 1996 I worked at a Baltic Container Terminal in Gdynia.

I am one of the sponsors of the Catholic Secondary School number 2 in Kartuzy (now a lower secondary school and a secondary school) where I work voluntarily as a headmaster.

In 2003 I initiated the Polish Trust (Powiernictwo Polskie), which I am the president of. I am also a honorary member of the Association of Displaced Gdynia Inhabitants and a member of the Kashubian-Pomeranian Association.

Since July 2007 I have been a member of the Council of the Foundation for Polish-German Reconciliation.

In 1990 I joined Confederation of Independent Poland (KPN). Between 2000 and 2004 I belonged to the Conservative People’s Party where I was the president of the Pomeranian Voivodeship Board. I am a member of Law and Justice (PiS).

During the 3rd  and the 4th term of the Sejm I was a member of the Committee on European Integration, the Committee on Transport and Communication, the Infrastructure Committee, and I belonged to the Committee on Agriculture and Rural Development. During the 6th term of the Senate I was the Secretary of Senate, the deputy chairperson of the Committee on Emigration and Connection with Poles Abroad and a member of the Committee on National Economy. I also chaired a Sejm and Senate delegation to the Baltic Sea Parliamentary Conference.

I was a Senator of the 12th term of the Senate. I am a deputy chairperson of the Committee on Foreign Affairs. I also work in the Committee of National and Ethnic Minorities.

I have two wonderful children! My husband died in helicopter crash on 13rd of September 2013.